Day 1: Let’s Take it Easy

Let’s go with genius!


This perfect morning I drove through the streets of central Paris bathed in the golden light of sunrise! The crisp morning air breathed a cool sense of excitement. The streets were quiet and I felt as if I had this glorious city to myself.


Why this sickeningly sweet portrait you may ask… Well I didn’t sleep very well last night because today is my first class at the famous cooking school of Paris that shall not be named!


It may be steeped in rules and history, traditions and techniques, but it is also home to childlike joy and anticipation, sweet dreams and pride.


Today is jam packed with three classes and I’ll be at school from 8 till 6pm.


There will be two demonstrations and one practical.


DEMO 1: Basic Pastry Preparations ßà Realisation des Principaux composants de base en Pâtisserie


  • Raw Almond Paste
  • Marzipan
  • Apricot Glaze – “Nappage”
  • Coffee Extract
  • Fondant
  • Praline







DEMO 2: Assortments of Shortbreads ßà Assortiments de Sablés


  • Brittany Shortbread Biscuits
  • Nantais Shortbreads
  • Glasses – “Lunettes”
  • Chocolate Shortbreads
  • Diamonds – “Diamants”




PRACTICAL 1: Shortbreads ßà Sablés


  • Diamonds – “Diamants”






This is the first of many days filled with stress, anxiety, pressure and pain. It is also the first filled with sugary highs and lows.


In this city obsessed with joire de vivre and beauty in all its incarnations I will be its newest follower.


Join me and keep reading!



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