The Beginning


Adrenaline was coursing through my veins, my heart pumping rapidly with excitement, and the nausea was nearly overwhelming from the sheer nervous tension as I descended into Charles de Gaul Airport.


I have taken a huge leap. Some would call it courageous and brave, others stupidity or insanity. I have left a job that I love and an income, my entire support network including friends and family, my home and sense of security. I have done all this to come to a country I have never been to, to live in a city and culture I do not know, where I do not speak the language or know anyone on arrival!


I have come to attend pastry school, not for a massive career change or purpose other than to fulfil a passion of mine. This year is devoted to selfishness and indulgence.


If only you could see my smile now as we touch down and taxi toward the gate!


I have a long year ahead of me! I come with the support of everyone that I care about! I have an army of friends and family who encourage me and who believe in me! What more could any person ask for in life!





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