The Market Obsession Begins


Some people are transfixed by the stock market, others by marketing plans; I am in love with fresh food markets.


I feel alive when surrounded by the bustling stalls and fresh produce. The owners are so proud of their produce and I am so spoilt.


It is amazing the variety available and the sheer difference in the product – we are truly blessed in Australia but I am not complaining about Paris either.


This was my first visit to the Sunday Fresh Food Markets at the Marche Bastille on Boulevard Richard Lenoir. I came with a purpose … to buy amazing mushrooms the likes of which I have never readily seen in Australia. I explored the whole market, and let me tell you it is pretty huge, and then honed in on my target.


Wild Varieties of Mushrooms ripe for the picking if only my horrendous French could sustain me … I pulled out all the stops and ended up with a couple of grocery bags filled with all the ingredients I would require for my unforgettable first home-cooked meal in Paris.


≡≡ Marche Bastille on Boulevard Richard Lenoir, from rue Amelot to rue Saint Sabin Thursday and Sunday mornings ≡≡



If you want a tour next time you are in Paris, although I am new, I am sure I could do this place justice.


Getting back to my first shopping spree and its eventual outcomes, after obtaining the mushrooms, some olives, fresh rocket, fresh herbs and an incredible bulb of garlic we headed to a nearby deli and bought some fresh pasta and the basics.


Taking it all home to my miniscule kitchen I eventually negotiated a few hurdles. First was the tight working space and lack of prep surface. Second and more difficult was the unlabelled electric stove top which took time playing games and then a single permanent marker to resolve. Third was the fact that I was preparing the meal for guests.


We had a lovely night with dry white wine and hours of interesting conversation.


Wild Mushroom Pasta and Rocket Salad

– Pâtes aux Champignons avec l’huile d’olive et beurre et Salade de Roquette –



… a warm Thank You goes out to the patient participants in this experiment!


2 responses

  1. Oooh Ooooh I want a tour when I come! Pencil me in for July 22nd 🙂

    April 15, 2011 at 12:07 am

  2. Alison Baker

    Wow Ari! That market has “my” yellow and white stripes. I had no idea, I swear! Just goes to show, my culinary heart must be in Paris. Again, gorgeous photos.

    April 15, 2011 at 11:17 am

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