Lesson 5: Puff You


PUFF me… I have used it so often in cooking before. I have made some wonderful savoury and sweet dishes with that flaky goodness.


I never knew until today though, of PUFF GREATNESS!


Handmade PUFF pastry when done right is one of the simplest and greatest basic pastries to possibly make.


I walked into the demonstration class thinking I will never bother to make PUFF pastry from scratch.


I left practical class knowing that, if I have time, I will always prefer to make PUFF pastry from scratch.


PUFF is genius from out of the kitchen.


I have no idea who originally came up with the idea or the method but I think they are sensational.


The problem lies in buying the ingredients I require back home … has anyone ever seen DRY BUTTER in Australia?


I cannot go on for long about how brilliant it was so I will just show you its crisp, sweet, textural genius in photos!


Let’s begin with Demonstration Class. The Chef really outdid himself on that day. He not only produced the necessary curricular recipes, he also spoilt us with a local delicacy from Armagnac – it was the highlight of the class … easily!





Lesson 5: Puff Pastry ßà Feuilletage

Palmiers – Palms, Elephant Ears

Raspberry Strawmats – “Paille aux Framboises”

Apple Turnovers – “Chaussons aux Pommes”

“Gascon Croustade Aux Pommes”, the Chef’s Specialty, Apple Tart with Armagnac




For my contribution to the celebration of the glory of handmade PUFF pastry, in practical class, I handmade puff pastry and then made Apple Turnovers with loads of Calvados and Cinnamon and a favourite of many people Palmiers.



As you can see we were all very pleased with ourselves…





One response

  1. Ariella

    It all looks delicious!!! Lots of love

    April 20, 2011 at 4:18 am

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