Place Royale


Sometimes Paris is too good to be true and my smile radiates brighter than any sun and comes from a place of absolute peace.


At other times, it lives up to all the good and bad parts of its reputation.

Today, my favourite spot in Paris was cemented in my heart and mind – Place des Vosges in the Marais. It is the oldest planned square in Paris straddling the 3rd and 4th arrondissements as well as the past and future. It is a spot of tranquillity and absolute beauty. Surrounded by a square of identical three story classical Parisian terraces with lofts and slate roofs rise above vaulted arcades filled with art galleries is a perfect patch of peace.

The central square park planted originally in 1680 is landscaped designed with intricate and symmetrical rows of manicured trees, lush green grass and babbling fountains. It is a gathering place for everyone, friends and families are lounging about enjoying picnics, books and the glorious sun. It is heaven.

The dappled light and shade of the golden green linden trees provides the perfect refuge from the heat and the cool breeze caresses you – it keeps you aware of your surroundings even with your eyes closed reminding you of the glorious place you are trying to absorb through every pore of your skin.

The gravel paths set off the green of the landscaping and lead you toward the regal bronze statue at the centre draws you near as you pass kids playing imaginary games in sand pits overlooked by their fashionable parents.

Whilst outside the wrought iron fence of the park, chic Parisians laugh, smoke and drink at the cafes under the stone vaulted ceilings of the arcade.

Every activity is catered for in this small part of Paris. Lounging, reading, sun baking, sleeping, dreaming, eating and talking are all taken to a new level in my favourite spot in Paris.

If you would like to make me extremely happy, please feel free to buy me an apartment in this tightly held locale – PLACE DES VOSGES, PARIS 75004


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