Brocante Bonanza


We don’t live under the illusion that life in Paris is cheap. In fact we clearly recognize that life in Paris is neither cheap nor easy. Everything is expensive and still you don’t get very much!


But explore its alleyways and old stores and you find priceless history and the objects of your wildest imagination.


The luxury brand boutiques attract the eyes of everyone even those that can’t even afford the tissues. But as a very knowledgeable friend taught me they don’t make things quite like thy used to… go vintage or antique.


There is no cooler place to go vintage and antique bargain hunting than throughout Paris and France.


Why not hit the famous wandering brocantes of Paris, it mysteriously moves to a different arrondissement every weekend.


I went with a tour guide of sorts… she is a masterful vintage clothing buyer and aficionado with only the best eyes and taste in the business.


We walked quite far to the brocante one Sunday late morning to explore what we later realized was only a minuscule proportion of a massive industry. Luckily we decided by chance to go back for a second look later that afternoon and it was so worth it!


We both found random gems! A key, a medallion and an old scrabble set all unique and special. We had so much fun rummaging through the clothes, books, furniture, jewellery and random treasure trove of ‘junk’. Trust me much of it was far from ‘junk’.


Every person that walks through that never ending line of old men, women, vendors and purveyors must find at least one thing they have been searching for or something they love that they never knew they always wanted.


It so easy to get lost in a place like this and spend hours and not realize that time flies when you are having fun!


Thanks again Roni!



The most hilarious part of the day was narrowly missing out on buying an “antique” poster of the French Monarchy and their lineage when I noticed the copyright 1988 in the very bottom right corner, not so close to the 1920’s as reported by the seller! It is younger than I am… HA… I love being observant and very particular!



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