Lesson 6: Choux 2 – Éclairs


Choux 2, sounds like a really bad sequel.


Trust me spending more time on choux never goes astray!


Today was a celebration of finger food and choux delicacies!


Who hasn’t heard of chocolate éclairs! Who doesn’t love chouquettes!


Lesson 6: Choux Pastry ßà Pâte à Choux

  • Éclairs – Chocolat au Café – Chocolate and Coffee Éclairs each filled with their respective pastry cream
  • ChouquettesBite sized Choux Pastries covered in nibbed sugar
  • Acorns – ‘Glands’ – Choux filled with Kirsch pastry cream, covered in green fondant and chocolate sprinkles
  • SalambosChoux filled with Rum pastry cream covered in caramel with two sliced roasted almonds
  • Choux ChantillyLarger Choux pastries filled with Chantilly cream


To say he didn’t make enough for us to try… you’d probably be right!






Well, today we made your dreams come true and I’m ready to take orders…


Piping is a pain especially when you have to be so exact!


Piping fragile éclairs with chocolate pastry cream is not a walk in the park either.

Then having to create perfect edges with chocolate fondant on the top of a choux éclair to the stringent requirements of French Culinary History it isn’t a simple task.

BUT, the chouquettes are simplicity in its greatest form. Choux buns topped with nibbed sugar. Who would think that they are so addictive!


Here is the final inspection by the chef, and as usual we pass the cut. One of the friendly students is translating for the chef our critiques for the day.


Say hello to ORDER 1 of CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS and CHOUQUETTES from Chez Horton


They were a special delivery to my dear cousins – they love Eclairs, so I hope mine live up to their high standards, they do live in Paris after all!



Shhhh….. I think they liked them!


One response

  1. Janine Payes

    Oh my!!! Maybe a trip to Paris is in order.

    May 12, 2011 at 5:15 pm

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