Lesson 8: A Taste of Humble Pie


Lesson 8: Better the day later

  • Gâteau Basque A traditional Basque butter cake with pastry cream
  • DiplomateDiplomat’s pudding, old brioche baked with custard and fruits


… And for a special treat a quick lesson in presentation skills with coulis!



The Chefs creations…


Now for my saga…

Today, I had a dose of humble pie. We were working with a very fragile butter pastry and mine fell apart three times whilst making the base.


However, there was nothing to become overly concerned about, with a little help, things were back in order thanks to a little extra flour and the blast-chiller to cool down the pastry.


After a very quick roll with the pin and a delicate transfer to the ring mould, the case was ready for piping with the filling.


The filling was a delicious pastry cream with vanilla, loads of orange and lemon zest and a dash of Cointreau.


The tart is usually filled with Amarena Cherries, but I wasn’t really feeling the overly sweet amaretto cherries.


I placed the second piece of the pastry over the top and then brushed it with egg wash before etching one of the classical designs.


It is best served the day later at room temperature and should be removed from the oven once it is a very dark golden brown.





Qui n’ose rien n’a rien … nothing ventured, nothing gained

Mine worked out quite well in the end!


… And now for the Diplomat’s Pudding and the quick tutorial in presentation styles!



I picked up some really good ideas … but my coulis, as certain friends can attest to, is much better!


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