Perfect Escape


Versailles is home to the largest most opulent palace and represents the height of French opulence.

So on this glorious day, we are driving into the French countryside past rolling grassy hills and golden fields towards the village of Versailles. Passing through winding streets in this small village, we finally arrive at a French red brick country house for our own luxurious day of lying in the French sun.

For one day I finally felt like a real part of French society. 6 hours of drinks and food and great conversation ensued. Our host, an absolute gentleman, brought together a diverse group of friends. International was the name of the day with really interesting expats from France, England, Wales, America, Belgium, Greece and of course an Aussie. In amongst the crowd were actresses, international peace and aid workers, physical trainers, dentists and a doctor who also happens to be a patisserie student.

The house epitomised the dreamy French countryside in a children’s story book. The balcony was filled with gorgeous French outdoor furniture and people lying over the pillows talking about life whilst bathed in dappled sunlight. We then moved to the luscious green grass and lay around talking and drinking long into the afternoon.

It was fantastic – to be blunt. Music played in the background as day of relaxation passed leisurely by. The warmth of a rejuvenating sun was enough to cure any persons worry or illness.


It was a day to remember always.

A huge thank you to my amazing cousins and our wonderful host, Mike!



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