Saved by Szechuan Spice


I have been craving good Chinese food a lot. I miss the huge Asian influences that you see everywhere in Australia. I miss great tasting Chinese specialities.


I am so lucky then that one of my fellow students, and she knows who I am talking about, is Chinese, the daughter of restaurateurs and from Paris!


She is taking me slowly on a culinary tour of Paris and one day after class we stopped at our first temple – Szechuan style cuisine in the Marais.

Together with some of the other Chinese girls from school we had a feast and it was surprising for me and them.

For me, it was a pleasure to have tasty, spicy and sour flavours in my food once again; to enjoy the textures of the crisp Chinese cabbage and the crunchy chicken and soft eggplant.

For them, it was a shock that I was able to use chopsticks so well and handle the heat of the food.

It was so good to finally eat Chinese food again…. Next stop the BEST GONG BAO (‘Kung Pao’) in Paris!


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