Chef Invité 1: Royal Ties






We were honoured by the presence of a master during my first few weeks at the school that shall not be named…


Chef Régis Ferey is the pastry chef for the Élysée Palace, the Presidency of the French Republic, and so currently President Sarkozy himself.

He has at his beacon call a team of the best chefs and unlimited resources including ingredients and machinery we can only dream of…


As a result he is able to create truly unique and special deserts to satisfy very discerning tastebuds.

To his credit he was inspiring and I will remember his techniques forever…


On the menu for the demonstration were:

1) Tangy Apple and Black Sesame Dessert in a Glass – “Verrine Acidulée au Parfum de Sésame Noir”





2) Orange and Mango Surprise Cube – “Cube Surprise À L’Orange et Mangue”


The HIGHLIGHTS me were my introduction to Fake Marshmallow, the Black Sesame Biscuit Sponge and the method of making ‘Pearls of Coulis‘.



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