The Pilgrimage


Venturing out into the famed Les Halles district of Paris I was in search of a tart ring for practice.

Les Halles was the traditional central market of Paris and was once a bustling area of merchant stalls, nicknamed “the belly of Paris” by Emile Zola. Its wrought-iron-and-glass arcades were filled every morning with fresh produce from all corners of France.


Now it is closed down, a construction site, for the reinvigoration of an area that had lost all its charm.


It is still home to one of my weaknesses, places where I could spend never ending amounts of money.


What is it you may ask … the specialist stores that supply the world of gastronomy.


Famed for generations of chefs and gourmands alike each of these establishments has a long reputation with some having been there as long as 1814.

  • MORA

    13 rue Montmartre – 75001 Paris



    36 rue Montmartre 75001 Paris



    58, rue Tiquetonne 75002 Paris



48-52 rue Montmartre – 75002 PARIS


18-20, rue Coquillière – 75001 PARIS


Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my journey through these havens of culinary gold!



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