Lesson 10: Petit-Fours


Petit Fours are famous for being the perfect end to meal and should be easily consumed in 1 or 2 bites.


Today was focused on Petit four biscuits and we witnessed firsthand the asbestos fingers of the chef, rolling the pastry by hand straight out of the oven.


Lesson 10: Petit-Four: Secs and Moelleuxßà Petit-Four Biscuits and Meringues

  • Macaronsa variety of flavours including coffee, chocolate, pistachio, raspberry and lemon
  • Bâtons de MaréchauxMarshal’s Batons are almond meringue fingers with roasted chopped almonds with a chocolate bottom
  • Cigarettes A traditional Basque butter cake with pastry cream
  • Palet aux Raisins Raisin Biscuits with an apricot glaze and rum icing




PRACTICALITY was the name of the day once we had to recreate these mini marvels…

We all wanted to make the Macarons, but we don’t choose… they will be saved for intermediate!

The Raisin cookies were desperately boring until we began the delicate process of basting them in lashings of apricot glaze and rum laced icing. They were then delicious and more moist.

The Marshal’s Batons were a huge surprise gift to a friend and they were enjoyed thoroughly at a house gathering…

One of the best elements of the Marshal’s Batons was the ingenious method for piping the chocolate on the base to create those fine layers of crisp chocolate on the base.

The roasted almonds above the chewy almond meringue were so good…


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