The last few days have been interesting to say the least! Life isn’t all glamorous in Paris.



FIRSTLY, the absent minded professor struck again! I locked myself out of my apartment by mistake….

… Genius, I know!



Luckily I have wonderful cousins so I spent the night at their house and then organized to pick up the spare set of keys from the vendors assistant.



Ouch! I have a bruised ego and am a little embarrassed!



Hope you all enjoyed this little comedic interlude at my expense!





SECONDLY, someone must be laughing at me right now because a few nights later when I went to put on my suit jacket to go out to dinner I noticed it was a bit wet, then a lot wet!


So I checked some of my other clothes in the cupboard and I noted that many of them were a little damp!


I took my clothes out of the cupboard and saw a few small wet marks going down the wall and thought that the apartment above me must be leaking water. I quickly ran out as I was already late for dinner.


On my return I emptied out the entire cupboard to find that the water tank in my apartment was slowly dripping droplets of water from a loose connection and had filled much of the cupboard in a thick film of water.


I spent the next couple of hours cleaning and drying out the entire cupboard and rigging up a bowl to catch all the water.


Everything seemed fine, the situation had been stabilised as best as possible, until we realised it was the Easter long weekend in Paris and it was already Friday afternoon. There was no way we would be able to find a plumber.


So my cousin, the undefeatable and multitalented handyman dentist, came to the rescue. He brought his little stash of tools and we thought he might be able to fix the issue then and there. Only for about 1 hour we were unable to find the mains water turn off for my studio. We looked everywhere in the building, even asking the neighbours who had no clue even where theirs was hidden. Then by pure chance and an obsessive set of observation skills I found the small tap near the roof at the front door to my place. We switched it off and low and behold it was the mains tap.


Everything was looking up when my cousin gallantly climbed up on a chair and reached around the back of the cupboard and tried to turn the pipe with two wrenches in order to replace the washer. Unfortunately, it was not to be, both too difficult and too dangerous in case he made things worse, he was still able though to significantly reduce the flow of the leak.

So for the next 4 days as I waited to hear from the plumbers and the plan from my incredible landlords, I would turn off the water every time I left the house just to make sure I didn’t return to a flood of Noah-like proportions.


After some very difficult conversations in French, which I failed, and some quite good SMS messages in French, and my incredible landlords help, the plumber finally came at 9am on Wednesday and fixed the pipe in under 10 minutes flat.

Now looking back it was annoying, but hilarious, yet I’m so glad it is over.



If only this chaos was the end of it all – to be continued…



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