Treizième (13e)


And so the long journey was made by five intrepid travellers to the renowned 13th arrondissement known fondly as Treizième – the Asian immigrants’ district!


My home away from home! Filled with real Chinese, Thai, Laotian and Vietnamese food undaunted by their French surroundings! 


So we walked our way through the dirty streets to the well-known Le Bambou.



On the cards for lunch were actual traditional Vietnamese dishes.


I ordered Bo La Lot and Pho Bo – Beef wrapped in vine leaves, Beef Pho with noodles and medium rare beef


These are the dishes ordered by the rest of the bold crew of foodies…


One a little bit unexpected for their tastebuds – Hue Style Spicy Beef Noodle Soup with Tripe.



Walking out and along the street was warming to my heart and reminded me of home.


All the important signs of a thriving and vibrant Asian Community were there…


1) Really dirty looking restaurants packed to the brim with satisfied local Asian customers – check √


2) Graphics including dodgy constipated looking cows with noodles as earrings – check √


3) Inappropriate names when read allowed in English but completely accepted as normal by local community – check √


4) Erroneous numbers in restaurant names as if there are 13 other Pho Banh Cuon’s before them – check √


5) The largest Asian supermarket in Paris ‘Tang Frères’ with the ingredients I desperately miss and cannot find anywhere else! – check √


All in All, I would say a highly successful first visit to Treizième many more are to follow in the near future!



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