Spoilt by the Ritz


A Night on the Ritz


Sounds like a great children’s movie only it was actually an adults dream!


No movie stars involved this time around but maybe in the near future!


Straight after demonstration at LCB, I ran for the metro, literally! I was trying to make a very important deadline… For my starring role in the movie of course!


Walking up Rue Cambon towards the entrance past Gucci, Chanel and famous jewellers was a very different atmosphere to the usual procession to school!



Once everyone had assembled, we were all welcomed into the school together and are jackets were taken to be hung up in the cloak closet.


We then walked into the most beautiful kitchen were returning had been set up ready for class.


The ingredients were amazing, expensive and really interesting. We were all ready to get our hands dirty.



Initially I didn’t make a fuss, they were all speaking French and we were instructed in what we needed to prepare. With my reasonable understanding of cooking techniques and flavours I didn’t need to really know what she was saying – I got the gist.



As it got more involved and intricate, I really wanted to know what she was saying – it sounded like the important tips that I was waiting for. So in my broken French I finally made my little situation known.


Je suis désolée, je parle un petit peu le française.

Si c’est possible, voulez vous parler anglais si’l vous plait?


Well, they were so understanding! So helpful! They answered all my questions!


They also broke things down into fractional physical processes and my knife technique already vastly improved.


It was a very cooperative and friendly atmosphere, not rushed or stressful!



Let us begin with the prep work…


The Lobsters began with an introduction to recognising male and female lobsters and then how to break them down – my first ever lobster deconstruction ready for cooking!



After preparing and cooking the lobster, making the lobster bisque for the vineagrette and preping the vegetables and leaves for the salad, the dish came together nicely.



Next on the menu was the Plat du Jour, the Main Courseof the Day, Roasted Fillet of Cod with Butterbeans and Chorizo, Piquillo Peppers and Fresh Parsley.


Another first, we all had to fillet a side of Cod. It was great working the knife between the flesh and skin and felt like vistory to not pierce through the skin.



We also had to prep a load of shallots and the Piquillo peppers and the knife techniques were explained so well and were all so useful for me – the greatest surprise was not crying from cutting the shallots!



And finally the dessert came together…



So let me humbly present our ridiculous dinner…



Entrée – Lobster Salad with Asparagus Tips and Chervil





Plat – Roast Fillet of Cod with Butter Beans and Spicy Jus





Dessert – Pistachio Sablé avec Tonka Bean Crème Brûlée





The food tasted amazing! It was enjoyed by all at a set table with table cloths and silver cutlery, bottles of red and white wine and sparkling water!




We then had a tour of the famous main kitchens of the Ritz Hotel, just down the corridor, it was 11:30 at night but it was still fully active!




Thank you Chef for an amazing night at the Ritz Hotel in Paris at the new Ecole Ritz Escoffier!




One response

  1. Sarah Thomas

    Hi Ari!

    Loved looking at your amazing cooking experience – what a great adventure you’re having!! Keep having fun!!

    May 3, 2011 at 12:34 am

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