Sunny Stroll along the Seine


The weather in Paris in spring is so variable but suits my two conflicting sides.


The chilled crisp breeze with thick woollen jackets and scarfs!


The warmth of a bright sun and sun baking in green parks!


It is truly beautiful in Paris in Springtime!


But stick to one weather pattern or the other…please!


I have been here for a rare April heat wave at 26 degrees and in the rain in a chilly 5 degrees in the early morning!


Well this Sunday a friend and I tried to go to the Grand Marche d’Art Contemporain but could not for the life of us find an exhibition with 500 contemporary artists. Where could they have been hiding?


Even so, as usual, by luck, we found another wonderful outing in Paris and a different world to explore.


We headed down to the banks of the Seine with the rest of the Parisians on a sunny Sunday afternoon.



Heading from the Bastille towards the centre of Paris we walked along the Port de L’Arsenal past dozens of houseboats and Parisians lounging on the grass.



The gardens along the side were lush and beautiful.



Moving towards the end of Port de L’Arsenal, we came across the loch were the body of water reaches the Seine itself.


Looking back towards Place de la Bastille was a really unique view of the waterways in Paris.



Finally coming out onto the side of the Seine itself the day was brightening up and the life continued to explode as we made our way towards our eventual destination of St Germain de Pres.



Every Sunday the busy roadway along the Seine normally reserved for cars is left for the people.


We joined the active crowds on the Voie Georges-Pompidou where families and friends had headed for a Sunday walk, run, cycle, skateboard or rollerblade.



We made it to the crowds around the Notre Dame which looked spectaucular from across the river.



Here are a few more views of the Seine…



The diversity of the people by the side of the river is captivating…



The bridges are part of the history and living pulse of this city…each one unique!



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