My Japanese Haven


A second visit to my local haven sounded a little like this:





Chilli powder


Black sesame seeds


Sushi vinegar


All over the most perfectly seasoned slightly warm sushi rice!

In my wildest dreams I hadn’t yet conceived of such a dish!


Unfortunately, for my dear friends at Allo Sushi
on Rue Cloche Perce in the Marais, they unleashed a food obsessed beast onto their secret dish!




I studied it intensely and think I may be able to recreate it!


Tirashi Mariné – Marinated Sashimi ‘Salad’

Thon et saumon marinés avec Riz vinaigré, coriandre et menthe fraîche


15 euros later I was in absolute heaven!


And as a final palette cleanser, glacé thé vert matcha – green tea ice-cream an old favourite of mine – clean smooth and refreshing!

Other flavours on offer were gingembre, lychees, yuzu, menthe fraiche, pétale de rose, fleur de thym and caramel au beurre salé. For those with limited French they would be ginger, lychees, yuzu, fresh mint, rose, thyme and a new-aged classic salted caramel.


The brilliant dessert menu did not stop there; and it will take me multiple return visits to slowly work my way through the long and interesting list:


  • Crème brûlée The vert matcha

    Grean tea Creme brûlée


  • Salade d’aloe vera et ses pralines

    Aloe vera salad with pralines


  • Petit financier – The vert ou yuzu et sa boule de glace

    A small financier – green tea or yuzu and a scoop of ice-cream


  • Mochis (Gateau de riz garni)

    The vert matcha, taro ou myrtille, Fleur de creuser ou sésame noir

    A rice cake topped with green tea, taro and blueberries or black sesame


  • Yokan The vert matcha et/ou azuki

    Don’t even ask me what this one is… I had to look it up on Google

    It is a sweet Japanese jelly dessert based on beans


Whilst sitting there in the cold springtime air of Paris I was able to just sit and think. My warm woollen jacket certainly helped!


One response

  1. I also must admit to a craving for Asian food in the foodie heaven that is Italy – isn’t that bizarre!

    May 9, 2011 at 10:25 pm

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