Basic Student Party


We are all pretty basic individuals – each of us coming from diverse countries, with different experiences and unique; But, each with a shared love of Pastry. So, on a fundamental level we are somewhat the same… well maybe not so similar!


Yet, everyone was late as expected!

Hilariously though, they should have unleashed the students in the kitchen. The food and desserts were in pretty poor form given the guest list including the high class chefs in attendance.

Everyone scrubbed up very nicely indeed! It was great to see everyone comfortable in their own skin and feeling good about themselves. Girls abounded in little black dresses, each unique, guys wore suits and nice shirts, with everyone wearing big smiles and enjoying themselves.

Especially tonight, with all of us looking our best, the divide in our appearances as compared to at school was blatantly obvious. None of us have any delusions of looking good in our cooks uniforms. No matter your body shape it seems to accentuate all the wrong curves creating illusions that no one would ever imagine or deserve. Even the skinniest and tallest seem to look extremely chunky and wide. They are not flattering or chic in even our greatest dreams.


Getting back to dinner everyone spent the night chatting away and drinking lots of wine. Everyone was taking photos with the friends we had made in school.

We have all become very close, having shared these experiences, so it was nice to celebrate together!

After the dinner concluded half went home and the other half of us headed out into the night to continue the celebrations. The streets were empty and every bar we went to was closing down at an early 11pm.

We finally settled on an American Bar, this after a classy occasion at a formal restaurant. Let’s just say it wasn’t a step up!

The rest of the night is history and just between all of us! What happens at cooking school in Paris stays behind closed doors!


It will be interesting if people act differently in class tomorrow!



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