Exercise your Eggs


What does one do after a big and late night out with friends?


Well… begin a new fitness regime of course!


Waking too early in the morning, a spark of inspiration drove three friends to meet in Jardin de Tuilleries for a circuit training session!


With an encouraging force ahead, I somehow found the energy to go that little bit past my threshold.


After completing our first running and circuit session with a strong sense of accomplishment I was in the mood for a celebration.


I was hungry for some simple, healthy and flavourful food. I made it an adventure finally buying all the ingredients from the stores I always linger at but never purchase anything or everything I want.


The list of wonderful providores near my apartment is numerous and distinguished!


There are two great grocers, a salmon dealer, boulangerie patisserie and organic section at the supermarket.


It came together in my mind before it ever appeared on the plate! Isn’t that the most inspired of cooking! As I was buying the freshest of ingredients I was imagining how to best cook, season and present them on the plate!

The challenge was to produce it in a kitchen 30 centimetres wide with only two pots, each with a thin metal base (ie. Bad pots!), a sink, a chopping board and a poor serrated knife.


The prize was priceless…


It was one of the best things I have ever eaten!


I may have just eaten one of the best meals of my life!


Scrambled Organic Eggs with Marinated Salmon and dressed Avocado, Wild Asparagus and Herb Salad



Simplicity was the key…


Flavourful dark sourdough bread

Barely scrambled organic eggs seasoned and served warm

Sliced Hass avocado seasoned with freshly cracked black pepper, sea salt and fresh lemon juice

Something like a baby wild asparagus, steamed and drizzles with fresh EVOO and seasoned with lemon, salt and pepper

The best cured and marinated Norwegian smoked salmon in large hand cut slices

A herb salad of chervil, Provençal Basil, torn rocket and the perfect amount of golden shallot dressed simply with EVOO, lemon juice and black pepper with a pinch of salt

Finally topped with a few jewels of Salmon Roe


Eaten after exercise on a sunny day in Paris and to be followed by a long awaited visit to the Musee de l’Orangerie and Monet’s Waterlillies!


Next time join me…for what may very well be one of the meals of your life

P.S. this was the perfect second to last bite!





What does one do when there are left overs in the fridge – well if they’re old or off, you throw them out – stop being such a hoarder.


If they are fresh and tasty, make use of them in a new and refreshing way!


Today’s lunch was a Warm salad of rocket and fresh wild baby asparagus with a balsamic dressing served with fresh olive bread.

Even better, if I didn’t have school, I would have served it together with a chilled glass of fruity dry white wine, which would have matched it perfectly, especially given it’s such a warm sunny day outside.

I got a little excited and greedy and added the last two pieces of Irish Smoked Salmon…

I may have gone overboard, as usual, when I made a little too much and ended up packing it as the best ever lunchbox for work or school! I included the avocado and salmon toasts as a little addition for my personal enjoyment!

And then the other day, I made another new interpretation of scrambled eggs, now to be known as

Speckled Eggs served with herb salad and avocado.

Each of these dishes were slight variations on a theme and the ingredients certainly lived up to their potential!


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