Le Nymphéa – The Waterlilies


The Musée De L’Orangerie was my first stop at a gallery since arriving in Paris… believe it or not, and as sad as that is… settling into a new lifestyle and a new country when you don’t speak their language whilst attending school up to 6 days a week is not an easy task to tackle alone!


However, it was a more than welcome beginning to what will always be one of my passions – ART!


Five years of art history with a great teacher and a lifetime of visiting museums around the world gives you a profound sense of appreciation and honour when standing in front of a masterpiece.


I was surrounded by eight massive impressionist treasures painted by the one and only Monet!


I was mesmerised by the brushstrokes, the light, and the colours. The way he captures life with emotion, inspired canvas that reflects the scene at different times of the day and his feelings in that exact moment of time and space.


His gardens were a haven for his creativity and are now a pilgrimage for art lovers.


Musée de L’Orangerie is purpose built to house these eight works, only a small part of his larger treatise of Le Nymphéa – The Waterlilies.


It is a wonderful sense of space, with crisp curved white walls and a wondrous diffusion of white light.


I could talk about this short amount of time for hours, write an entire new essay about my viewing and interest in these paintings and this truly special artist – I will not bore you!


Let us just reflect on the immense change in art and life after the impressionist style broke onto the world stage – here we have water, trees and waterlilies, captured in simple brushstrokes and yet enrapturing all the shadows, reflections and highlights of the complex world in which Monet lived.


I will now let the pictures speak for themselves… I cannot express how important it is for every person to see these paintings once, but for now enjoy!



Le Nymphéa – The Waterlilies




It was enjoyed by hundreds of tourists and students alike, not to mention three friends including little old me.



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