Having endured a lecture on different types of flour and sugar that left a lot to be desired and a gaping hole in our patience we headed out for an early dinner to satisfy our hunger.


But it was our eventual destination in the heart of Île Saint-Louis that not only recaptured our faith; it reinvigorated our sense of childhood excitement. 


Île Saint-Louis as with the rest of Paris is spotted with signs displaying the classical script identifying it’s providore of glacés – the famous ice-creams of Berthillon.


But why go the destination when you can head directly to the source!



Here we are waiting patiently in the line, knowing full well just what we are in for…


The flavours on offer at that late point in the day still included a number of our personal favourites…

As you can see they were running quite short on supplies but I ended up very happily with Cacao extra bitter and dark, Blueberry and Rhubarb

Not a bad end to a long day, walking the streets back towards the Seine we finished our ice-creams on the bridge pondering life in Paris at Pastry School!


29-31 rue saint Louis en l’ile

75004 Paris


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