We all woke up late after a long day and night out.


Breakfast was made with my two day old brioche, perfect for a classic…


Vanilla Bean French Toast with Raspberry Jam





After some homework, we went out for a stroll through the streets of trendy East London.


Then onto famous Spitalfields Markets
which was voted best Market in London!

Of course there was the stall with Brittish Memorabillia and souvenirs – who can live another day without owning an entire dinner set of commemorative Kate and William plates – I know I can’t!


On sale were also the T-shirts that everyone must own … Mind the Gap and God Save the Queen are classics but a new favourite is clearly Keep Calm Marry Harry or Keep Calm Harry is still Single
very topical indeed!



A clever mother one day was inspired when playing with her children – she now barters with them for their lego – and so was born an awesome store!


I am a geek and proud of it, it is not hard for friends to guess which cuff links I bought from this selection… the little doctors of course!



Now when surrounded by stores with food like this you become a little hungry even when your full – the temptation was not helped by the fact it was lunchtime and we hadn’t eaten yet.


And so the foodies began the hard decision process – both my sister and I went for Szechuan Spicy String Beans with Rice and I spoilt myself with a Sesame Seed Ball filled with Red Bean paste for something sweet!





After lunch and another wander round the markets we left and headed to Brick Lane past this carpark bar.

Knowing my sister’s good luck we wandered into a hive of activity.

A huge Indian festival was happening and it meant that something extra special was in the air.

The wonderful London Metropolitan Police officers, Bobbies, were out in force and in brightness – certainly a conspicous and friendly presence – in fluoro yellow!

Packed with people each factory had been converted into food markets with tastes from around the world.

The streets were littered with the plates from delicacies enjoyed by thousands and the crowds didn’t stop…




Not only famous for the best Indian restaurants if you open your eyes you’ll notice a celebration of street art, walls covered in grafitti and modern galleries exposing it’s subculture for profit.

These two photos above sum it all up – it is about creative expression and making ones mark on the tough city landscape – we believe in the spray can!

There are so many unique artists and different styles … just like art in a museum!

These critters were everywhere if you recognised his style!

Then there were sculptures… including the Famous Parisian Space invaders, one of which had landed on a tired old car!

And lots of Pasties (meaning paper glued onto the wall)…

A canvas could be big or small…

Or include powerful messgages about life … here two sides of the same street were battling eachother for supremecy – personally PROPROPRO spoke to me!

There were converted train carriages on the tops of buildings used as offices, and abandoned lots used as art galleries.

A glimpse in the right direction at the right time and you are greeted by the best sights – here are the ambulance officers on road bikes in fluoro yellow … anyone in need of any assistance? You could almost call them performance art!

And of course the killer hairstyles of the future – I call this one a Poulet – it’s a mangy cross between a fluffy chicken and the classic mullet, hence Le Poulet!




After walking miles (hehehe…) we finally caught up with old friends and dragged them willingly to an incredible place opposite Spitalfields – St. John Bread and Wine.

Every kitchen crew has to have lunch, and whilst they relaxed and ate happily we were spying on what looked like an incredible lunch!

The kitchen was closed but we still managed to order desserts!

Goats Cheese Cheesecake with Plums in Marc (a special alcohol made in France of Pomace brandy)

Rum and Raisin Ice-cream with shortbread

Lemon Sorbet with Vodka Shot

Rhubarb Crumble


The revelation for me was the tangy lemon sorbet with a shot of frozen vodka – somehow the perfect combination at any time of day!

And, of course, the goats cheese cheesecake which had to have been one of the best cheesecakes that I have ever eaten!




We had to fill in some time until our next meal, so we had yet another drink, this time at a garden pub.




On our arrival at what had been presented to me as awesome Thai, Busuba Eathai, had a lot to lie up to but it already won me over with the great feel of the interior design.


All natural woods and communal tables, mellow yellow lighting, open space, chilled atmosphere with a great crowd – all major plus points in my rating guide.



Someone had ingeniously defaced the welcome message of please wait to be seated and created a killer line for a great café – “Please wait to be EATED!”

And eated we did… the menu had so much to offer, so many great flavour combinations – how I love Thai food!


We shared Chicken in Pandan Leaves and Vegetarian Spring Rolls for entrée.

For main I spoilt myself with Sen Chan Pad Thai, with Green Mango, Egg, Crabmeat and Prawns; and teamed it with a revitalizing Fresh Iced Tamarind Tea

Some of the other winners for the evening were Pla Sam Rod, red mullet with a shallot and pla lat pineapple sauce; and the Morning Glory with yellow bean, Thai garlic and red chillis.

You can check out Busuba Eathai at

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