Day 3 otherwise known affectionately as the Adventure to Islington!


It started with waking up for a great day planned ahead!!

Unfortunately, I woke up a little too early, 4am to be exact, and was unable to return to sleep which makes everything a little bit harder.


I am meeting a great friend from back home for lunch at the mother-ship – Ottolenghi in Islington – the original and largest.

I was told to expect to wait in line for a while… We didn’t need to at all! Rockstar luck!


We sat down at the expansive communal table, one of two, in a beautiful white and bright open space. We shared with the cool mothers group and hilarious little babies munching away on their fingers.

Walking past the display of incredible salads and enticing desserts wet our appetites! To start a glass of French champagne to celebrate a long awaited reunion!

Then onto our mains with salads! I had amazing grilled salmon and my mysterious lunch date had beef. We shared the salads each was a taste sensation!

We then went to pay homage to the museum of opulence, grandeur and class – Harrods of London in Knightsbridge. First stop the Egyptian escalators and then onto what seemed like a never-ending grand food-hall.


We indulged in window viewings of the most esteemed old products and incredible produce.


We then headed through some of the other areas for glimpses of another world.


After goodbyes and plans for further meetings I headed to Oxford circus to meet another intrepid Australian traveller who has made it his yearlong mission to follow another pathway from medicine – the tennis circuit!


Heading home after a futile attempt at shopping we were bound for a new restaurant, Herreford Road, manned by one of Fergus Henderson’s old head chefs at St Johns.

The family was pretty pleased with themselves.

Entrees were quail and a rocket salad.

The choices were twice Roasted Duck Leg with roasted garlic and fennel, Grilled Fish with Cauliflower and Beef Fillet.

Dessert was also scrumptious.

Over the weekend thus far, including tonight, my sister had to constantly remind me not to talk too loud because everyone speaks and understands English!


I randomly and continually broke into French in London!


Just simple things, like Merci and Au Revoir, but in France I uncontrollably speak English when I bump into someone, and in England I unconsciously talk in French to say thank you!


It’s kind of paradoxical and just unnerving! Maybe I am finally absorbing some French!


Maybe I just need to sleep better!



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