I had been finding it challenging to sit down and study for this, my first ever, written exam in Pastry. You would think after medical school I would have trained my body, mind and will to the act of studying.


It’s something I know realise I have lost practice in over the last few years.


I could not for the life of me focus, sit down and study.


An afternoon at a cafe post practical class proved to be the opportune moment when the stars aligned and I finally started study.


First we tackled the 6 recipes we had to know off by heart!


Then I headed back to school and went over all the French vocabulary we had to learn.


Waking early with poor prospects suddenly my logical mind kicked in and the recipes started to stick in my head.


I used my experience from making the cakes in practical class as a memory aid.


I used my focus during class to help me remember random facts and ingredient lists.


As usual, being sentimental and all, I organised for some photos to be taken of the exam.

We all survived the ‘stress’ and I think we all did very nicely.

And on a positive note… I believe that I have rekindled my studying aptitudes ready for my return to Australia in another 9 months.


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