Fare Chance!


Salon Saveurs des Plaisirs Gourmands

Literally the Lounge of Gourmet Pleasures, but in practice it is the Paris Food Fair for Producers from all over France and Europe.



It was a huge exposition held at the Espace Champerret where foodies were able to satisfy their cravings and addictions for great produce and producers!


I had the ultimate partner in crime by my side – someone just as obsessed with food as I am, someone who too can spend hours walking around a hall tasting and discussing food in all its incarnations!


Spices from all over the world, and they all smelled incredible.

Artisanal Cheeses made by holy Goats and stepped on by monks…hehehe

Mushrooms that may hold the cure for boredom in the kitchen as well as cancer.

Jams and Confitures made from the most unexpected of ingredients, and the Chefs who make them (and a signed recipe book!)

Fruits of the Dried, Confit, Glace and Marzipan varieties

Vanilla and Saffron the truckload, Gourmet Teas, and Extracts from herbs, fruits and flowers to add to Cuisine and Desserts

Meats, Foie Gras and Fish – aged, cured, moussed and roasted all forms for the gourmet carnivore

Artisanal Patisserie Equipment – otherwise known as the costume store for little children – the moulds can also be hats, handstand helpers and chew toys!

Regional desserts made from secret family recipes hundreds of years old – Canelle from Bordeaux, and Real old-style Macaron from Provencale

We enjoyed many a tasting – and even succumbed to a few purchases!




La Fête du Pain

Two days later it was the Bread Festival that drew us in… held in the square in front of Notre Dame it was an incredible location.

The Kids were the highlight for everyone – you know you have to start early!

The Artistry in the bread was something I have never seen before!

The sculptures were incredible, the breads of the world were interesting.

It was a small exhibition… but interesting and visited by many!


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