The Metro


Over the past 2 months I have been travelling on the metro almost every day, if not multiple times a day!


It has been the lifeblood to my exploration of this incredible city.


Each of the lines has almost developed an individual identity in my head – we all know the nice ones, the dirty ones, the dangerous ones!


Well, whether it be when the trains are nearly empty, or when they are packed like sardines, you have to admire the character of this train network.

You have to admire the way it works, mostly on time, mostly frequent and so full of unique personalities.


Here is a short snapshot of some of the weird and wonderful things I have seen or experienced in the metro.


Intrepid students, such as myself, use it on a daily basis to get to and from classes with cakes in hand and always in a rush! We often meet up in the cabins having all worked out by now which are the best cabins, front, middle or centre, depending on which line we are on and at which station we are changing.

Musicians, actually talented ones, abound on in the stations and on the trains themselves.

It could be a lone soloist with their little amplifier and background tracks or whole bands.

And here are some creative shots that I have taken whilst experimenting with my camera in different lighting situations.

The Metro has certainly become one of my must see attractions in PARIS – who could live here without it!


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