Party Crashers or Party Makers!

Having marvelled at the thought of even considering crashing a wedding or an exclusive party… when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a humble request to accompany a long lost friend into an exclusive event – I was compelled to comply!


It was our only chance for seeing each other after so long!


So we signed up for a random, daring and long night out on the town!


Security was very tight! The guards were large and menacing! But their brawn was no match for a little ingenuity, a chilled demeanour and a great smile!


Despite all the odds being against us, a mischievous Cambridge Masters student was able to sneak in a pastry student and an infectious diseases registrar into a party dressed fitting the part of Cambridge MBA graduates!


This was the gala party for the European MBA games.


The guests were privileged, good looking and entitled thus perfectly fitting the stereotype!


There were 2000 MBA students from all over Europe who had spent three days competing in rowing, soccer, rugby and my personal favourite inclusions chess, salsa and tug of war!

Everyone was well represented but the average bank balance defied the GFC.


I am sure we were graced with the presence of oil oligarchs, pharmaceutical princesses and information technology inheritance.

We could have been the targets of kidnappings and hostages.

Instead we were the targets of function organisers with drink tickets and food stamps.


We spent the night catching up on old times completely focused on our small group of friends!

When things started to slow down we planned our next target… bars in the Marais.




And so after walking around we found a suitable destination and began the celebrations.

First was the bottle of red wine, but then the Champagne began flowing, we were in Paris afterall!

The stories will last a lifetime and the friendships even more so! A great night with great friends – who can ask for more!


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