Paris in a Flash: Day 3


I have no seen everything… literally every single type of transportation possible for a tour group.


There have been massive buses, private vans, tuk tuks, taxis, walking tours, velibe bicycle tours, rollerblading groups and now … SEGWAYS!

Not only once, but later in the day, another entire group!

After heading off very early for class I planned to meet up with my friend, the tourist, at Place de la Concorde.

We then headed into the Tuilerie Gardens where by chance we ran into the other crew from London.

On our way out of the gardens I was stopped by one of the growing clan of “FREE HUGS”…


We left Place de la Concorde, passing by the fountains and a very entertaining bubble maker.



The Avenue de Champs-Élysées bordered by greenery initially and then by expensive boutiques and cafes was drawing us towards the Arc de Trioumph and lunch.

We passed by some colourful characters, famous Australians, Golden Mummies and of course the person lying on the middle of the Champs asking for money.

Lunch was shared and then we parted ways – each heading to fulfil our goals for the day.




Walking back to Musée D’Orsay we were very excited to see the current exhibition, but our hopes were dashed by what seemed to be the longest line – one that we couldn’t survive!


The Tuileries called us back, this time to attend Musée de l’Orangerie.



Art lovers and Photographers start much younger these days – but notice which way they are facing, each daughter is taking photos of their family, not of the paintings!



The small permanent collection is nothing to be ashamed of either filled with Monet, Cezane and Renoir to name my favourites…


I especially like the food centric ones!


Heading back through the gardens towards the metro, after a long day we needed a short rest – badly!

We made a slight detour for Glaces de Berthillon!




Dinner was fantastic and we were joined by our two Australian visitors at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte for huge servings of arguably the best entrecôte in Paris.



Waving goodbye through the moving train across the platform was like a scene from a movie – it was hard to say goodbye, but it wasn’t for long!



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