Lesson 20: The Finale!


Our final demo was like a reflective celebration with all our most memorable moments repeated!


It was a taste of the future with mousses and multiple layers, construction and couverture.


It was also a time to reminisce about the highs and lows of our three months.


Everyone was cheerful as we lined up for class. It was the end of an era, the end of basic pastry. There was however some underlying nerves and chatter about the practical exam tomorrow and the likely culprits.


It was the culmination of successes and failures, praise and prosecution – we all remember those times when chefs mutter “tres bonne” and others scream “zero!”


We all remember the sickening feeling and headaches we get with eating too much sugar!


We all falter at the thought of just how much butter, sugar, eggs and cream each of us has shovelled down (consumed) in the name of learning!


Each of us has been distressed when our worst fears have come true at the sight of one kilo of butter or more being used for our treasured croissants!


Many of us were dehydrated and hot as usual in class!


Many were chattering in the background with the classical underlying hum of voices permeating the entire room and clouding everyone’s hearing.


The chef was upset with the noise level but laughed it off knowing that everyone was a little more relaxed today, it being our last.


Everyone drifted off home to study for their respective exams tomorrow – pondering their fates!


But enough reflection let’s get to Cake!!!




Lesson 20: THE FINALE!

  • Entrements Chocolat-Bergamote et croquant d’OrangeBergamot and Chocolate Mousse Cake with Orange Crisp – pistachio and hazelnut biscuit sponge, imbibed with grand marnier syrup, chocolate parfait and bergamot mousse



It tasted great.


It wasn’t too sweet!


It had good textures!


I was suitably very happy!


Together with our slice of cake, a glass of cheap champagne in a plastic cup… it was well deserved and oh so civilised!



It was a nice way to finish our demonstrations and practicals after Monday’s debacle!


Thank you chef for a never ending run of interesting times at Pastry School!



And a special mention goes out to the incredible translator and comedian – an English chef and master of translation! A friend to all the students!





For those interested in a condensed version of the process involved in making such a wonderful cake – here is the time-lapse photography of the many involved steps that it takes to make such a cake together with a little song to make you laugh!


There was butter and eggs, powdered sugar and almonds;

Ring moulds and mousses, chocolate and ovens;

Mixing and whisking, waiting and baking;

These are the tricks of the lessons we’re taking;


Oh how he makes us proud, syrup imbibing;

Sugary sweetness with rum that is thriving;

Even with a mistake he’ll never give up;

He’ll just scream at the fridge and say its stuffed;


Its time to decorate and out comes the gold;

Dusting with powder, a sight to behold;

Tempered chocolate and pistachio, so bold;

We wait for an hour and some are still in the mould;


When hunger strikes, and the thirst bites;

When I’m feeling sad;

I simply remember the cake we have to eat;

And then I feel sick from the sugary high…





Practical Exam Study



Sadly Lesson 20 was just a preview and taste for Intermediate… so wee will never make this cake!


Instead we are faced with studying for the practical exam tomorrow at 12:30.


Going home to face study was not such a difficult prospect this time… I had a plan and I was ready.


There is always time for dinner and so I settled down in the golden evening rays at an outside table with my notes, a cup of green tea, and a chirashi sushi!


Productive and satisfying in many ways as well as relaxing!


Bring it on I say! The most difficult part will be getting permission to take my camera into the exam to be able to capture such an interesting event – with an empty SD card of course!


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