Tribute to the Master


A Tribute to the Chef


This is a final tribute to our esteemed pâtissier and cuisine chef who happened to be our lead teacher for demonstrations during this last three months – these are just a taste of the highlights coming from his incredible mind and fluctuating mental state!


He is the man of a hundred faces and a thousand hand gestures, the man with a short fuse and labile mood!


Regardless, he is well respected and makes life so much more interesting!



A short selection of Quotes de Cotte




“I wouldn’t ever make this … Personally I am not a fan of this cake”

Said repeatedly over many a class


“Do I scare you!”


“What! Are you Mexican?”

Said in an indignant and angry way when we disappoint him, usually for not understanding his rapid French or following orders


“I am DJ Robo-Cotte but I am not a machine”


“I am joking” (pronounced jocking)


“Oh Great!”

Of course, said in a sarcastic women’s voice


“Du le expression Donc Voila” or “Which is the origin of the expression Voila Donc”

Said after he supposedly impressed us with his penultimate skill, or done something obvious


“Vit Vit Vit”

Meaning … Hurry Hurry, Quickly Quickly, Go Go Go Go Go!!


“Takka Takka Takka”

When shaking the rack and distributing the glaçage evenly and removing excess



Which happens to sound exactly the same as when he says syrup, both of which he says frequently – we disappoint his short fuse regularly and almost every cake or pastry was imbibed with or brushed with sugar syrup. So we heard ZERO or SYRUP a lot!


“Oh I am so sorry”

A very over emphatic and sarcastic expression after having screamed at someone, whilst clutching at his heart and batting his eye lids with a sad look in his eyes – immediately followed by a not so subtle evil little chuckle


“See you one day perhaps”


I openly welcome comments from fellow students with their favourite quotes and memories!




And now, a short selection of The Many Classical Faces and Gestures de Cotte




Welcome, know this is how it is done, listen closely!

You know I am a DJ and I mix vinyl like I whip cream…smooth!

I know I just screamed at you and made you cry… but we are ok aren’t we… bisous (a kiss on each cheek is mandatory as he grabs you by the shoulders)!

What… are you really asking that question! Seriously another question … you want to know WHAT! Really?…

We are a family, you disappoint me, and your cement shoes will be decorated in a traditional Brittany design before you sink to the bottom of the ocean!


When angry the FACE comes out, a look of complete irritation, disappointment and rage, but what truly represents this mood is slamming his fists on the table, clashing all the trays on the marble and slamming the freezer door whilst swearing under his breath usually after also screaming at his assistant!

Complains constantly about all the equipment, and usually rightfully so, but to the point where the translators don’t bother to translate it any more – we know what he is saying!


Then there are simply the almost ridiculous faces during which we hope the wind doesn’t change – cause to face them on a permanent basis could drive someone insane!

And of course his look of pure elation and joy after blowing gold dust at least once a class!


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