Chaos Theory 2: The BIG Surprise



Better late than never, my 50th surprise post is now ready for publication.


It is the reprise of Chaos Theory and it is the culmination of months of turmoil, reflection and hard decision making.


This post has been coming for a very long time… as such it is a diatribe of my thoughts over many weeks!




So confused about what to do right now… Do I continue pastry, do I change to cuisine? Do I travel Europe rather than stay still? Who knows!


Everything is telling me something different! And I don’t know what to do!




I made a very big decision today!!


I haven’t been completely happy with everything at school until now. It takes a strong person to recognise when things aren’t working and affect change!


And so after very helpful discussions with many close friends and family multiple year changing decisions I am affecting change!


I will live and love by the highs and lows of my plans.




Today I was confirmed as a patisserie student of Ecole Ritz Escoffier… where I will be attending for the next stages of my culinary journey.


The school is housed in the basement of the Five Star Hotel Ritz Paris right next to its world renowned kitchens that service some of Paris’s best restaurants and the ultimate in room service.


The school has undergone a recent rebirth and is known as a centre that inspires people to achieve their culinary dreams with excellence, tradition and innovation.


After a short two week holiday break I will be headed back to school but in a new location.


LCB the blog will not end; it will just have a different source of inspiration.




Waking up this morning, the day after I was confirmed as a student of Ecole Ritz Escoffier, I feel so different… I have some idea of what is happening in my near future!


There is less doubt… I am so excited!


I am so incredibly ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity and everything that comes with it!


I have no illusions, I am realistic!


This is a much more intensive course. Entirely practical we are in the kitchens 8 hours a day, five days a week.


But I cannot wait for the challenges and the learning!


I cannot wait to learn from my mistakes… Although I will do everything in my power to make sure they never happen.


It will have a different focus and skill set… At my former school everything was done by hand using age old techniques. At my new centre of learning we use modern equipment like an amateur enthusiast or a professional kitchen such as a Kitchenaid.


It will alter our path ever so slightly but I will not lose all my foundations, my biceps won’t grow anymore but hopefully I’m less exhausted by the end of class.


I have been planning this for a while, much of this post was written over many trips on the metro whilst I mused about the past, present and future.


When I comment about people coming to try my creations I am serious! I love having visitors in Paris!


See you all soon, in Paris, or in January in Australia!


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