Just Another Summer Weekend in Paris


Just like any other summer weekend … only I now happen to be living in Paris … I still want to relax, I want to eat, spend time with friends – basically NORMAL STUFF!


Only now I do it in one of the most captivating and beautiful cities in the World – and so like any other weekend besides sleeping and doing nothing we planned a little escape to one of the other arrondissement of Paris.


We headed for a late afternoon picnic to the famous Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in the 19th along with many clever Parisians.




The park was commissioned by the French Emperor Napoleon III and finally opened as part of the festivities of the Universal Exhibition in 1867.


And today it played host to three friends and a lot of great food.

We lay there for hours, reading, chatting and eating enjoying the warmth, the sunshine and the views of Paris.

The clouds drifted on by…

The placed is a designed garden with waterfalls, rolling hills, trees and lakes with wonderful vistas to accompany them.

Walking across the bridge to a tall island in the middle of the lake we had a sneak peak of Sacre Coeur and Montmarte.

We explored all areas of the park…

Admiring the reflections in the still water and the dream-like quality of the landscape…

And after a long lazy afternoon headed back home to the Marais.




On Sunday we lazed away and then I headed to Chez Jim Hynes for my first visit to the ultimate Parisian Rendez-vous!


Every Sunday for 30 years Jim Haynes has opened his Paris apartment for dinner inviting people to meet other like-minded people over food and wine.


The legendary Jim Haynes is now 76, and his dinners are now so famous there’s a waiting list – a gathering to which luckily I secured a last minute opening!


His dinners remain word-of-mouth affairs, with everyone that goes spreading the word about how warm and interesting his Sunday Dinners have become.


Following his directions I walked past the big green gate and was greeted by a wash of people spilling out into the garden.

Animated conversations, laughter, people eating happily and everyone open to meeting new people!

Walking inside I found Jim sitting on his stool by the kitchen counter wearing a butchers apron ticking off names on a huge hand-written list.

Finding my name, he could place a face next to the email I had sent him just a few days earlier introducing that unusual 25 year old doctor and pastry student from Australia.

Grabbing a plate of food from the two guest chefs in the kitchen I headed back outside to a crew of French friends who had decided to join this international affair. We juggled our plates of food while chatting away in the summer night air.


And so after meeting architects, writers, teachers, long term expats and another Australian I headed off into the night with new friends.




We headed down to the Seine near the Musée D’Orsay to the boats on the river bank which host massive parties.


We hit the first boat and the atmosphere wasn’t exactly the greatest but we managed to find their friends.

With a little help from their friends who seem to have lots of connections, we bypassed the huge line and walked straight onto the second boat.

It was the first Sunday night after the end of the French school year so the new high-school graduates were out in force.

The party was raging and the place was packed. The music was pumping and we danced the night away in the tightly packed club.


At around 11:30 we all started heading home poised for long days at our normal jobs.

In one night I had been transported through two completely different views of Parisian night-life and I liked it!


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