Weekend Delicacies


What to do… What to do… What to do on any given weekend when you are fed up with French food and just want something fresh healthy and tasty.


What to do… when there is a small fresh food market just around the corner on almost any given day of the week.


What to do… when you are living with a friend in their apartment and really want to spoil them to show them your appreciation.


Well you cook of course… something special that they would like.


So on one late Saturday morning we headed to our local market in the square.

The sun was shining, the air was chilled and the produce was calling.


It was speaking to me and saying buy me…

And so the Butternut Pumpkin, Spinach, Fresh Eggs, Cucumber, Roasted Capsicums and loads of fresh herbs were employed to make satisfy our cravings…

And so a lazy Saturday morning was spent making breakfast and eating leisurely with a fresh glass of blood orange juice.


Moroccan Scrambled Eggs with Ras Al Hanout, Steamed Butternut Pumpkin, Cucumber salad, Marinated Roasted Capsicum and wilted spinach simply dressed served with roasted bread.


And after a lazy day of study and sunshine the day was almost done.




Again on Sunday morning we were lost for options and we still had baskets of Fresh strawberries hidden in the fridge from our market shopping yesterday.


So yet another plan was hatched…. this one much more ambitious given our limited facilities and utensils.

The Baby French Garden Strawberries were simply cut to be eaten in the pure state of intense sweet berry pleasure. The French farm Berries were macerated with a little lemon juice and sugar.

Finally the large Belgian beauties were glazed with Balsamic vinegar, black pepper and a tiny pinch of sugar they were full of flavour and the sweetness balanced the pepperiness making a taste sensation.


Fresh French Crepe with a Trio of Fresh Strawberries Three Ways




Peering out over the second story balcony the hive of activity that is Rue de Rosiers on a Sunday afternoon was in full swing, as usual with huge lines for the felafel.


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