Module 6: New Vogues – Entrements



This was the module for modern extravagance and excess. Decadence was an objective not only a word used to describe the richness of the cakes. These were true entrement – fulfilling their ideal of being multilayered large cakes.


The skill involved tested us but with all our training thus far we were moving like seasoned students.


We started off with all the biscuit including genoise, jaconde, sacher and finally financier.

Then onto the mousses, ganaches, set creams and buttercreams.

Then we prepared glazes and sprays in both white and dark chocolate as well as a red cacao butter special and also headed into the world of tempered chocolate pieces.

We went on a culinary journey back to the 16th century and made sugar rock candy in a crazed exothermic reaction.

We made macaroons, tempered chocolate and gelée all for decorations.




And then came the monstrous task of assembling these complex creations.


It was our second last module, we were getting tired…


But with this increasing fatigue, in my case, I felt came efficiency of movement and increased speed. One, two … tak tak. Especially with my palette knife technique for smoothing my layers and sweeping my glaçage. I was gathering the small tricks I had been observing from the chef.


We were gateaux machines…


We were also artists…


Everyone’s cake reflected their individual personality and attention to detail.


We all took lots of photos…


We all took lots of mental notes of the little touches we appreciated and what will make it into each of our permanent repertoires. We each have different endgames, different taste but there is so much for us to gather from so much to integrate!


The degustation was a lot of fun this week and the table looked incredible – these are of course the Chef’s cakes… mine are at the end!



What is most interesting is the layers of each of the cakes…





We are spoilt for choice…


Here is my final selection of cakes from the second level at the Ritz… I was so proud to be able to take them home not only to my cousins but to a huge family reunion including my parents and American family.


First off the unusual Ambrosia a dacquoise sponge, butter almond mousse, filled with a spiced red wine marinated prune layer and decorated with a ivory white chocolate glaze with hand-made macarons.


Second the Rum Raisin with a raisin and chocolate financier, rum mousse, milk chocolate mousse and a milk chocolate and praline glaze and tempered chocolate pieces including chocolate fans.


Third was the Kawaii, cute in Japanese, an almond sponge with a Cointreau Bavarian mousse, a praline cream and white chocolate glaze decorated with hand-tempered white chocolate.


Saving the best for last as always…


The Alliance Cake is the perfect marriage between champagne bavarian mousse and orange mouse in a smooth dome above a almond genoise soaked in champagne and champagne.

The Jivara Exotic with a tart and flavour packed passionfruit set cream layer surrounded by milk chocolate ganache mousse with a hidden feuillantine wafer crisp layer for textural contrast on a base of dacquoise sponge finished with milk and white chocolate glaze.

The Extraordinary DS cake, named for it’s creator, our esteemed chef, consists of the richest dark chocolate sacher sponge imbibed with baileys, layered with dark chocolate ganache and was decorated like the modern marvel it is!


This module was jam-packed with such great ideas for the future which I will employ with great satisfaction on my return home – I can’t wait to spoil everyone in Australia!




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