Family Reunion: Part 1


And so after 4 months or so I finally had a visit from the parentals. They came to see just what I was up to in Paris. Confused and curious they came for a reunion of sorts and to be a part of my new life for a short while – 3 weeks!


They were so lucky to take over my apartment for the duration of their stay, whilst I stayed with a friend who I will never be able to thank enough.

My parents had a rough time initially … being thrown into the deep end of the life in Paris, alone, whilst I laboured away at Pastry School.


It took some time for them to realise I had made a life for myself here, had responsibilities and limitations, and couldn’t spend time with them that I didn’t have.


But when things settled and they adjusted to my tight schedule we had lots of wonderful times together.


They explored the streets and sights of Paris by day and spent the nights with me, their exhausted son!


The highlight by far was the long-awaited meeting of the entire extended Landsman clan.


It was a once in a life-time unique position – my parents, especially my mother, had waited a long time to meet her French family, just as my French family had always wondered about their far-away Australian connection which had always seemed like a mysterious fictional fable.

Well I was the so called special envoy from Australia who was able to make the first connections between our families after 60 years.


To say I am extremely lucky is an understatement… they are incredible, every single one of them!!

So it was an honour and pleasure for me to stand back and watch what happened.




It all started the very night my parents arrived… at 11pm they finally made their way from the airport and my French and Australian parents finally met!


And then on Friday night we had a feast of wonderful food and great conversation.


It was as if we had always known each other – family is like that!


And so the next three weeks were jam packed with family meetings with as many people making the trip to Paris as possible…

We had cousins from France and the USA all coming to Paris to share in wonderful times together.

There were coffees, lunches, dinners, sightseeing and lots of great cakes to indulge in!


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