Just an Aside – Birthday Dinners


I love making others feel special on their birthdays! And despite the many and varied culinary restrictions that are in place living here I can always manage to find a way and the motivation to make something out of nothing for someone that matters.


And so after work one day I started on a little mission… to make something delicious and special. I have this really intense memory of an amazing meal, and so today, I tried to replicate it, but in tune with my vision of food and within the bounds of my resources.


It was a birthday away from family, one that needed the comforts of a warm healthy flavourful meal.


Being summer, and summer vegetables being a favourite, I decided to use them to their best vision.


Yellow and Green Zucchini, Fresh Green Peas, Asparagus, Fresh Sage, French Salted Butter from Normandie, Garlic, French Bread, Gnocci – these were the elements for making someone really happy.


I used a few of my new skills, I bruinoised the zucchinis and asparagus, I made a nut brown butter and sage sauce, handmade crunchy garlic and herb croutons and finished it all off with some lemon juice.

It was so comforting and delicious, paired with a cool glass of white wine, we talked the night away and there was one very happy birthday girl.


Summer Vegetable Gnocchi with Sage and Browned Butter


Ingredients and Methods are available to anyone that asks… or I can just make it for you one day!



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