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Kitchen Tales: Moroccan Spiced Salad


On one of those seldom days when it was actually warm, in Paris, in so called Summer, I came home exhausted from a full day in the kitchens, and having purchased one of the amazing roasted chickens from the local butcher, Boucherie Becquerel, I managed to scrape together a quick and healthy dinner.


I use this saying lightly, because as you all well know, I never really scrape things together. I do often cook quickly and simply, but always with thought into balancing the textures and flavours of the dish and tailoring it to what I feel like and to best suit the purpose of the final dish.


This dish was created to satisfy my hunger and inspire my tastebuds.


And it did all that and more – and was a complete fluke, well not really.


It was all instigated by my hoarding of spices from around the world, and a definite favourite was in dire need of usage – Ras Al Hanout, meaning “Top of the Shop” is the foundation of my favourite tagines, pastillas and cous-cous dishes from Morocco. Sometimes blending up to 50 rare spices in secret variations, it is highly aromatic, warm, spicy and sweet tones meld perfectly with the incredible cuisine of morocco.


And so I was able to take full advantage of these savoury, sweet and spicy notes of the Ras al Hanout to instantly lift my salad to incredible heights. Combining shredded roasted chicken with sweet crunchy apple, the nuttiness of toasted pinenuts, the sweetness of shallots and baby spinach, lamb’s lettuce and the pepperiness rocket made the greatest mix and fulfilled every requirement and desire.


The dressing was so simple and just ideal – lemon juice, olive oil and ras al hanout.



Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad with Apple and Ras Al Hanout



Boucherie Becquerel

113 rue St. Antoine, 75004, Paris